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  • The Garage

    As an entrepreneur, programmer, tech-enthusiast, and founder Joseph Duke IV began Center Stage, Inc. from his garage in Acworth, Georgia. As a technology company providing web development, software solutions, network systems, and even graphic design - whatever the client needed - their needs were put “Center Stage.” It wasn’t long before the garage became a new office…which happened to be above an actual service garage just a few miles away.

  • NCR and POS

    As our capabilities continued to expand, point-of-sale emerged as the best opportunity for Center Stage to serve its partners’ long term needs. After working with several retail management systems, we chose to partner with NCR to provide their CounterPoint solution with the ability to leverage CounterPoint’s open-data infrastructure, we began a new phase of achievement and fun: architecting retail systems and building partnerships that would last for a decade and beyond.

  • Growth with Non-Profits

    After successful partnerships with non-profit organizations, including the 45,000 site Presbyterian Church USA, Center Stage forged a partnership with Blackbaud, Inc., the largest provider of non-profit software in the world. From there, Center Stage delivered retail and custom solutions for cause-driven partners like The Carnegie Museums, PAWS Chicago, Mount Rushmore, The Miami Children’s Museum, and hundreds of other organizations supporting initiatives to bring something better to the world..

  • Going Global!

    With a growing influence in the non-profit space, Center Stage expanded beyond borders to ultimately establish a presence in forty-two states and five countries. As our base of clients spread geographically, we established partnerships with organizations ranging from retail giants like Spanx to cultural luminaries like The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and began looking toward the future of what Center Stage might become with this global philosophy.

  • Service to Innovation

    By strategically partnering with other industry experts, Center Stage took its nascent steps toward becoming not just a service provider, but a product developer. Harnessing the power of eBay’s ecommerce platform Magento, we set about building the best possible integration between two retail giants. By combining our knowledge of NCR and Magento platforms, we committed to bring the two together in an unprecedented alliance, offering a seamless user experience for the retail space.

  • Host with the Most

    An ever-growing demand for cloud-based systems led the Center Stage team to invest in SaaS based solutions and hosted services for our clients. With the safety of our clients’ data as our highest priority, we built an environment we are proud to offer to our clients…and proud to put our reputation behind!

  • Team...unite!

    Like the superhero from our youths, we looked to create something greater than the sum of its parts (no we aren’t building a giant robot…yet). With years of experience integrating systems – POS , Financial, CRM, ERP, ecommerce, and beyond – Project: Voltron began as a platform aimed to bring something new to the old world of dataflow and system integration. It’s not enough that divergent systems talk to each other…they need to combine to become something more powerful.

  • Red Rook

    Years ago, we created “Center Stage” because we wanted to make our partners the center of our highest priority. We still mean to achieve that goal every day, but as we evolved we realized it wasn’t enough. When the team decided to become Red Rook, it was a challenge to us to become something more than just another business. Red Rook is about a movement, growing together, putting in more than we take out, having fun, and always asking “What’s Next?”

Our clients tell it best...

  • The launch of the new MoodFabrics.com website could not have been possible without the expertise of the team at Red Rook. They played a key role in the integration between NCR Counterpoint and Magento eCommerce. They guided the site development from planning to execution and his input was precise and much needed. We are growing company and finding the right fit to help us grow is always a tough challenge; we couldn't be happier that we found a partner like Red Rook that has treated our company as if it were its own.

    • Eric Sauma,
    • Mood Fabrics
  • Red Rook has been instrumental in our conversion to and continued expansion of our use of CounterPoint Software. Our original installation was poorly handled by our vendor, and with just two weeks to go, Red Rook took over support, and had our store ready to open in time. From that first contact on, their team has been there to answer all our questions, and resolve every issue.

    • Charles Barnes,
    • Fallingwater Museum
  • As a young non-profit, Red Rook is always there to help us with our ever present needs with CounterPoint POS and integrations. The team at Red Rook is a pleasure to work with and easy going with our staff no matter the level of understanding we have when a new task or issue arises.

    • Patti Reiss,
    • Mississippi Children’s Museum
  • Thank you so much! You guys at Red Rook have been amazing to work with, especially with your understanding of Magento. This was one of the smoothest integration experiences we've had.

    • Robert Brodie,
    • Sumo Heavy
  • I have not worked with such a knowledgeable, responsive consultant in YEARS! I’m over the moon that our new website is up…let’s hope we can take Adams to a new level of profitability, so both our companies can benefit! Thanks again guys - I’m more positive about my company’s future than I have been in a really long time.

    • Merance Adams,
    • Adams Horse Supply
  • Red Rook and CounterPoint has allowed Tile Outlets of America to weather the economic storm with a reliable and consistent software solution that is standards based with the ability of customizations for our unique business requirements. The ability of customized reporting and modules provides critical data and information needed to make smart business decisions for Tile Outlets of America.

    • Robert Lash,
    • Tile Outlets of America
  • Our online store The Marine Shop partnered with Red Rook to build the bridge between CounterPoint and our new Magento Enterprise web store. They are true professionals that held our hands through the entire process. Their Team played a huge part in the success of our launch. After going live, the help desk has been responsive and timely in all our requests. I would highly recommend the Red Rook Team if you are planning on opening a Magento online store and you currently have CounterPoint as your POS software.

    • Lynn Khanna,
    • U.S. Marine Corp Assoc.
  • I want to personally thank the entire team over at Red Rook for all the hard work since we started working together just over a year ago. Prior to their support, we had no direct integration between our online and retail sales, inventory, and shipping systems. This lack of communication between our systems created vast operational inefficiencies. Working with Red Rook we were able to successfully integrate these systems to better present a cohesive experience to our customer while making our fulfillment process quicker and more efficient. The people at Red Rook were great partners who learned about the unique needs of our business and were flexible in tailoring the system to best work for us. We look forward to future work together.

    • JoJo DeSimone,
    • Lacrosse Unlimited


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Red Rook Leadership

Joseph Duke

a.k.a. - The Lorax

I like Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, the Matrix, green olive and tomato pizza, Kings Quest, learning something new, Risk Legacy, my jacket collection, John Oliver, Florence and the Machine, Pittsburg style, the History channel, quiet time, my family and friends, board game night and ...

Jason Burge

a.k.a. - Music Junkie

I dig: my wife Caitlin, my cat and owner Loki, my friends, Indian food, music, tennis, sunshine, philosophy, tenor saxophone, anything involving water, writing, online gaming, travel, audiobooks, and Netflix. Oh, and a good IPA. But really, the best thing in life - the only thing in life - is people.

Adam DiMuzio

a.k.a. - Grand Master Jedi

I'm an avid film fan who can conjure up a movie quote to fit any occasion. I'm also a runner - currently training for my seventh marathon and third Half Ironman. I live in Tampa with my wife and two kids.

Todd Chaplin

a.k.a. - Techno Hermit

A consummate “Maker” I can usually be found tinkering with some coding, electronic, or mechanical project. Bucket list build examples would be an electric car and kit airplane. To recharge my introvert batteries I spend my remaining time with my family tending my “farm” in the middle of nowhere GA.

Susan Chan

a.k.a. - Mother of All Felines

Hi! I’m the Director of Customer Experience. I am the proud mother of two human children and twelve feline children : ) When I’m not resolving issues here at Red Rook, you are likely to find me volunteering at a variety of Atlanta area animal rescue and advocacy operations.

Vance Berisford

a.k.a. - Globe Trotter

I am Vance Berisford, GT alum and Red Rook veteran of 13 years. I’m your resident customization and integration guru. Outside of the office I enjoy travelling the world, reading, geeking out on music, playing with my band Lone Pine Mall, playing video games with my son, and hating pickles.

Ray Knapp

a.k.a. - The Mega Gamer

Whether it is dice, markers, pieces, figures, pencils, or pawns, I enjoy the best in gaming. I seek to test my mettle and pit my strategy against others. I am my own avatar in the Game of Life. Life is a game. I play it to win.

Jon D’Agata

a.k.a. - King of Fundom

I’m a happy go lucky guy who really enjoys staying active and having fun with my wife Angela and dog Paisley. Some of my favorite activities include backpacking, camping, hiking, Brazilian jiu jitsu, football, rock climbing, motorcycles, aggressive underwater basket weaving and hanging out with friends (to name a few).

Cozroy Williams

a.k.a. - The Bone Collector

A father of three, I love spending time with my kids. I also enjoy software development, going out for a great dinner and movie (my favorite is Underworld), skating, dancing, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Mortal Kombat. and chicken bones. I am also known to party like a rockstar.

Lee Martin

a.k.a. - Sports Junkie

Sports are my passion in life. From the NFL to peewee curling, I watch, love, and get excited about all sporting events. Outside of sports, I enjoy puzzles, trivia, word and math games, and romantic comedies. I am fortunate enough to be Red Rook’s resident bookkeeper and Grumpy Cat.

Chris Butcher

a.k.a. - 21st Century MacGyver

Referred to as a wizard in IT, in 5 years of working in the Information Technology field I've amassed multiple industry certifications and logged over 10,000 support tickets. A native to upstate New York, I was formerly a Chef in the culinary industry for over 10 years. If I am not outside or working on a DIY project, I am probably playing a video game.

Jack Margeson

a.k.a. - The Superhero

As a veteran of the US Navy, a seasoned comic book/video game/Star Wars nerd and someone who values camaraderie and honesty above all else, I immediately felt at home at Red Rook. I truly enjoy working with our brilliant team to help our clients businesses thrive in today’s ever-changing market! May the force be with you!

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In addition to our pursuit of community service, we also dream of contributing on a much larger scale. We want to create change, create a movement of volunteers and partners that seek to make a difference in the world. We know dreams aren’t just for dreamers, and we know we can’t get there alone. We are interested in partnering with likeminded organizations that wish to participate in creating genuine value for all. This value will not be measured by the accumulation of money, but rather by the benefit we create for mankind. For this type of movement to occur, everybody has a part to play. We want to do it, not just say it….and we want to get there fast. We welcome you to join us on this Red Rook journey of innovation though acts of kindness and the unification of hearts and minds that are ready to make a difference.

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