As the leading NCR CounterPoint and Magento Solutions partner, Red Rook brings the first unified commerce solution combining the power of Magento 2 and NCR CounterPoint with Universal Athletic.

Magento 2 Integration Highlights:

  • Advanced Product integration allows for an unlimited number of product attributes to be mapped
  • Customer integration performance gain of 9x over Magento 1 Integration
    • Create and update over +8,000 customers per hour in Magento 2
  • Order importing performance gain of 2x over Magento 1
  • Invoicing, payment capture, shipping and tracking numbers performance gain of 4x

Red Rook will be preparing to begin projects for Magento 2 Integration for clients in 2017.

2cb5e9cb-4075-4396-a603-a5a1404031c8Universal Athletic has been in the sporting goods industry since 1971 and is the #1 independent team dealer in the country. They operate 10 retail locations and have over 50 wholesale salespeople. Their mission is to equip every athlete to achieve peak performance.


Red Rook is a Magento Solutions Partner


“We have been making half-hearted attempts at an ecommerce site for over 8 years, and the result was always the same. We would only have 10 to 15 products posted because it was too much work and too complicated to integrate with our POS system, which would lead to minimal sales, and eventually we would scrap the whole project. Last summer we were about to start the process again when we discovered The Red Rook and their CPMagento product. We instantly knew that CPMagento was what we were looking for. We put an ecommerce team together and made a commitment to do it right this time.Red Rook could not have been easier to work with. They have came up with a concise project time line that takes you from start to finish, which helps keep everyone accountable and ensures the project is done on schedule. As this was Red Rooks’ first Magento 2 implementation, we had a few unexpected hurdles to clear. Their team was quick to develop solutions to overcome these problems, and in the end, delivered a reliable and exceptional product. Their experienced developers and knowledge of which Magento Plugins work best for your project was a very valuable asset.

We now have over 6,500 SKU’s on our site, product and order management could not be easier, and everything is integrated with CounterPoint. We could not be more pleased with the results. I highly recommend CPMagento and Magento 2, our site’s performance and speed is vastly better than what it was with our previous Magento 1 sites. Working with Red Rook was a great experience, they were very responsive, very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. They are a welcomed part of our team.”
– Adam Bierschenk, Universal Athletic